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About Me

During my middle and high school years, I discovered that I had an innate ability to pick up sports faster than most, ranking at the top in terms of athletic capability. This understanding led me to major in Physical Education. Upon entering college, I encountered many talented individuals, making me realize that my athletic prowess might not be as unique as I had once believed. However, my real strength was my ability to analyze movements with a discerning eye and an attitude to practice consistently despite the monotony.


Perhaps it was this foundation that allowed me to excel quickly in golf. Moreover, my approach was distinct; instead of merely constructing a grip, posture, or swing, I aimed to understand why the ball flew in a certain way and why it curved. Adjusting my swing based on this understanding made golf more intuitive for me. Concurrently, I studied golf clubs in-depth, unraveling questions like how to utilize them to craft the shots I desired, the design rationale behind each club, and countless other whys. This journey of inquiry and comprehension ultimately led me to become a professional golfer.


My passion has always been teaching. Although I initially aimed to be purely a golf teaching professional, I was fortuitously given an opportunity to manage a golf course. While this role distanced me slightly from teaching golf, the yearning to guide someone in perfecting their shots never faded.


During the pandemic, the surge in lesson inquiries led me to juggle golf course management duties with teaching, reigniting my passion for coaching and reminding me that teaching holds a central place in my life. The core of my existence is my love for golf and the art of teaching it, continually driving me toward new challenges and growth. If you're ready to start a journey with me to refine your golf skills, don't hesitate to reach out. Your success is my success.

TJ KIM - PGA of Canada Class 'A' Golf Professional

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