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Everything You Need to Know

Answers to All Your Questions

Do I need to have my own golf clubs?

If you have them, it's best to use your own golf clubs. Each club varies in terms of length, angle, weight, and shaft stiffness, and constantly switching can lead to confusion. If you don't have any, we offer rental clubs. Just leave a note when you register for lessons.

What should I wear?

For golf lessons, sports attire and sneakers are acceptable.

I'm a beginner; how many lessons do I need before I can play on a course?

A minimum of four lessons will provide an introduction to short games, full swings, and a bit of the rules and etiquette. After this foundation, you can practice and, once you gain more confidence, you can ask family or friends to join you on the course. Being skilled in golf and adhering to the set rules and etiquette are two different matters. Every golf course has a designated pace time; for instance, if a golf course requires 9 holes to be completed within 2 hours, you must finish within that timeframe. The easiest way is to keep up with the group ahead. If you can't see the group in front of you, recognize that you might be slow, skip the current hole to catch up, and no one will have any complaints.

Where are the lessons held?

Most of the lessons take place at the Tracer Golf Kennedy Location.

How do I make a payment?

You can directly pay to TJ on the first day of the lesson using a credit card, debit card, or cash. If you prefer to pay in advance, we can send you an invoice via email, and you can make the payment through the provided payment link.

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