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Professional Regrip & Repair Services for Your Golf Clubs

TJ KIM - PGA of Canada Class 'A' Professional


If you need to replace 1-2 grips, they can be changed on the spot without a long wait, provided you've made a reservation. For a full set replacement, if we have the desired grips in stock, it will take a maximum of 48 hours. If we need to order the grips, it might take between 7 to 14 days.

  • Installation fee - $3/club plus price of new grip, $5/club plus customer provided grip.

Various golf grips are displayed on a shelf.
Golf Pride grips are on display.

Repairing Clubs

Shorten Clubs

  • No extra charge with purchasing new grip

  • $10/club - save grip

Shaft Extensions

  • $15/club

Re-shaft (Steel/Graphite)

  • $20/club plus price of new shaft

  • $25/club - bore through head

  • $25/club with customer provided shaft

Re-attach Head

  • $15/club - Pickup is possible within 1-2 days. It will take 24 hours after re-attaching for use.

Broken Shaft

  • If the shaft is broken too close to the golf club head, making extraction impossible and requiring drilling out, there will be an additional cost of $15.

Golf Club Lie & Loft Adjustment

 Adjustment may not be possible depending on the material of the Iron/Putter head and hosel.


  • $5/Iron

  • $10/Putter

*Bending irons and putters may result in permanent deformation, dents, or marks, and in the worst case, they could break and become unusable.

There is a Golf Club Lie & Loft adjustment tool.

Regrip/Repair Shop

Golf Club Regrip/Repair services are available to those who make a reservation online through this website or by phone. The services are located near Markham Rd. & 14th Ave. in a Home Garage. Please be sure to contact TJ and arrange a visit time before coming, as service may not be available for walk-in visits without a reservation.

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