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This is the most popular and versatile Golf Pride putter grip. If you are unsure which grip to switch to, choosing this one will almost certainly meet your approval. It features a traditional design with a smaller grip size and is recommended for those who prioritize a feel-based putt over a mechanically focused stroke.

Golf Pride Pro Only Putter Grip

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Golf Pride's new PRO ONLY Red Star(72cc) putter grip delivers the most Tour-preferred pistol shape with an arched paddle front for thumb positioning in a firmer rubber compound for optimal feedback and precision on the greens.

    The new PRO ONLY Blue Star(81cc) putter grip features an angled back shape to lock in finger positioning and a wide flat paddle front for thumb positioning. PRO ONLY putter grips are built with a firmer, optimized rubber material for exceptional feedback & precision.

    The new PRO ONLY Green Star(88cc) putter grip delivers a rounded, oval back shape for comfortable hand positioning and a slightly arched paddle front for consistent thumb placement. Golf Pride's newest putter grip models are engineered with a firmer, optimized rubber compound for unmatched precision and feedback. 

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